About Us

We manufacture hydrogen generators replacing existing compressed hydrogen tanks, etc. Our hydrogen generators can be used in different fields of industries that require hydrogen. Unlike the existing hydrogen sources like compressed hydrogen tanks, etc., ours are safe from the risk of explosion, simple and easy to use, and there is no need to recharge them from hydrogen stations. You can continue to use them just by replacing fuel cartridges, and can store the fuel cartridges for a long time. We have optimal integration technology with hydrogen generators and fuel cells based on pioneering work in control algorithms and compact integration solutions as well.

Business Objective

  • Safe Hydrogen Storage and Supply
  • Providing different capacities of Hydrogen Generators and Fuel Cell Systems

Target Market and Applications

  • Various applications like semiconductor equipment, etc. to replace existing compressed hydrogen tanks, etc.
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Drones for Military / Civil use
  • Power Generators, and Portable Power Packs for Military / Civil use
  • Personal Mobility, boats, robots, and other applications like UPS, APU, Backup Power, etc.

Remarkable Achievements

  • Hydrogen Generator for Fuel-Cell Powered High Altitude UAV (U.S., Boeing, 2014~)
  • Auxiliary Fuel-Cell Power Generator for Relief Electric Vehicles for NATO (Poland, IMPACT, 2014)
  • Korean Army Defense Project, 'Next Generation Power Development for Wearable Skeleton suit' (2017~)
  • Conducting different types of military projects at home and abroad