Design and Engineering

Hugreen Power’s design and engineering teams have the skills and experience required to transform ideas and concepts into finished product solutions for our customers. No job is too small or too large – from simple brackets to major structural assemblies.

Manufacturing Services

The world class skills allow us to design, engineer, and manufacture structures meeting strict quality control and rigorous performance specifications. Hugreen Power’s expertise with new and emerging technologies allows us to design products that establish new standards of excellence in the industries we serve – reducing maintenance requirements and improving cost efficiency.

Systems Integration

We are able to participate at any level of the manufacturing process, contributing whatever’s required to produce a fully integrated product or assembly – from structural components to sophisticated systems and controls. Hugreen Power provides extensive expertise in a wide range of systems and controls to manage the operation of complex equipment including electromechanical controls, actuation systems, thermal control and instrumentation. We have many years of experience in each of these specialties and we collaborate with each other to recommend and produce the best system for each customer application. We employ the most advanced technologies to engineer highly efficient solutions – saving money by increasing reliability and reducing maintenance requirements.