Technology & Innovation

Non-catalytic hydrogen generation technology
  • Advanced technology to store hydrogen in a solid state
  • Differentiated technology to generate hydrogen without using catalyst
  • Solutions to performance degradation and durability problem common to catalytic technologies
  • High energy storage density and long operating time
  • Easy to handle and safe to operate
Advanced hydrogen generation and supply device design technology
  • Easy and simple hydrogen supply system (Switch on and leave!)
  • Compact and lightweight system through integrated design
  • High reliability and consistent performance
  • Long operating time using non-catalytic hydrogen generating technology
  • Fast and simple, Replaceable Cartridge-type fuel storage system (Touch-Release-Snap!)
  • Fast and simple to supply fuel without catalytic and fuel reprocessing process
Integration Technology for Fuel-Cell and Other Applications
  • ntegrated technology optimized for PEMFC (Up to 5kW)
  • Integrated support for optimization of other hydrogen fuel cells in addition to PEMFC
  • User-friendly interface
  • Support for customization to meet customer’s individual requirements
  • Integrated technology support for applications using hydrogen as well as fuel cells