Technology & Innovation

Advanced Hydrogen Generating Technology using Solid Chemical Hydride
  • Unique and distinguished hydrogen extraction technology from solid chemical hydride (NaBH4)
  • High H2 storage density (10.8 wt%) for possible commercialization reported by DOE (USA)
  • Eco-friendly, High storability, Stable substance, Easy to handle and maintain
  • Quick Replacement of fuel cartridge for easy and simple refuelling / restart-up
  • No Risk of Explosion by shot, impact, etc. unlike Compressed H2, etc.
Hugreen Power Water electrolysis Fuel reforming Secondary battery
Main substances Eco-freiendly chemicals NaBH4 Ion exchange membrane Nobel metals, Ru, Pt Hydrocarbon Fuels CO produced Reactive Lithium Explosive danger
Replaceable Fuel Cartridge for Safe Hydrogen Storage and Supply
  • No tools for Services, Fast refueling and ready to go, simple and easy to use
  • Long hydrogen storage available, Safety differentiated from the existing hydrogen sources
System Integration Technology with Fuel Cells for various applications
  • Integration Technology with hydrogen generators and fuel cells based on pioneering work in control algorithms and compact integration solutions
  • Optimal Integration Technology for different types of applications which is compact design, system optimization, and system controls