Hydrogen Generation Systems @201229

Hydrogen Generation Systems

Item HP-1000HGS HP-500HGS HP-50HGS
H2 Generation Rate Up to 15 SLPM Up to 7 SLPM Up to 1 SLPM
Weight 6,500 g 6,000 g 2,000 g
Dimension 200 X 200 X 480 mm 195 X 195 X 460 mm 135 X 135 X 240 mm
H2 Capacity 3,000L H2 (270 g) 3,000L H2 (270 g) 600L H2 (54 g)
Energy Capacity 3,330 Wh 3570 Wh 770Wh
Specific Energy 513 Wh/kg 595 Wh/kg 385 Wh/kg
174 Wh/L 204 Wh/L 385 Wh/L
Fuel Cartridge CTR-3000A CTR-3000B CTR-600
※ Specifications can be changed to meet customer requirements.
Fuel Cartridges
Product Features: Product customization is available
  • Compact and lightweight by integrating peripheral devices into one body
  • High-energy-density and long operating time
  • Stable hydrogen supply and storage
  • Easy and simple to operate (simply switch on/off)
  • Our proprietary technology is used to generate hydrogen without using a catalyst and causes no stability problems unlike conventional hydrogen generators in which periodic catalyst exchanges are required.
  • Designed to use a fuel cartridge so that you can easily replace it with a new one and restart operations immediately like you change a printer cartridge when the fuel is consumed.
  • Unlike conventional compressed hydrogen, liquefied hydrogen and other existing types of generating hydrogen technologies which must be stored at high pressure, our hydrogen is stored in a solid state fuel.
    • - No risk of explosion, so no safety manager required
    • - Stable operation at both high and low temperatures
    • - High hydrogen storage density